StormTree needs your help. Dark forces are corrupting the lifeblood of the forest and the minds of its Lorian people. Can you be a Hero?

Download our exciting new multiplayer Tower Defence RPG for mobile.

Battle the Corruption

There’s an evil spreading across the world of StormTree and it’s threatening to destroy the One Forest and its Lorian people. Help them fight against the Corrupted minions and malevolent Agents ravaging this once-peaceful land.

Defend your Gold mines

Build barricades, deploy traps and construct powerful towers to protect your precious Gold mines against the ravenous Corrupted Hordes as well as raids from other players.


Raid other players Gold mines

Launch attacks on other players’ Gold mines and pit your strength and skill against powerful and cunning defences. Call in reinforcements and deploy special attacks to destroy their fortications and loot their Gold!

Build your Village

Establish a thriving village full of skilled Lorian craftspeople working to help you in your quest for survival and glory. From upgrading your defences to enchanting your weapons to recruiting troops and concocting new potions, your village is central to defeating your enemies in StormTree.

Become a Hero

With mountains of shiny Gold to be stolen, powerfully epic Loot to be plundered and attacking hordes to be repelled, the world of StormTree waits for another Hero...