Gold Mines

Countless Gold mines dot the Stormtree landscape, remnants of an unknown civilisation. Some lie forgotten, abandoned by their previous occupants many millennia ago, some are in use by fellow humans and Lorians but an increasing amount are being taken over by Corrupted forces.

Your first task is to recover one of these mines from Corrupted minions and restore it to working order. Once it is repaired it will start earning you shiny golden nuggets. Unfortunately this is going to attract the attention of the Corrupted as well as other players and to prevent it being looted you're going to need build some Defences.

In your Village, the Architect will be able to research all manner of powerful towers, deadly turrets and cunning traps for you to deploy to defeat invading enemies. As well as building structures you can also hire Warriors, Archers and other troops to help fight to protect your Gold mine. As your Architect skills grow you'll be able to unlock and upgrade more of these Defences, as well as research and apply Boosts to make them even stronger and more effective.