It's not going to be easy fighting against the Corrupted hordes whilst defending your Gold mines against invaders. Build your Lorian home up from humble beginnings into a busy village full of characters crafting, enchanting and recruiting to help you on your journey through StormTree.


Every Hero needs a home, a place to recuperate after hard-fought victories as well as the occasional humiliating defeat. Your HQ stores your initial gold and items whilst also allowing you to equip the weapons and armour you have crafted or won.


Without defences your Gold mine is well, defenceless, against enemies wanting to come and loot all your precious Gold. Hire an Architect and he will create you all manner of walls, traps, turrets and towers to help you fight off the attacking hordes. Higher trained Architects are also capable of enhancing your existing Defences with Boosts, special properties that can range from increasing hit points and expanding attack ranges to poisonous spikes and flaming boulders.


Running around in a forest full of vicious plants, deadly contraptions and rapacious Corrupted armies with just a blunt sword to defend yourself is asking for trouble. Build an Armoury and your Smith will be able to craft you razor-sharp blades and durable helmets as well as protective gear for your chest, arms, hands and legs.

Gold Vault 

As you upgrade your Gold mine and loot bigger and more epic rewards, your Headquarters isn't going to cut it for storing all your hard-won Gold. The answer is the Gold Vault, a big shiny container for your big shiny coins.


As the defences you attack get tougher and the Corrupted minions grow fiercer, it can get too much for one Hero to handle on his own. Hire an Officer and from his Barracks he can recruit troops that you will be able to call upon in the heat of battle. Warriors, Archers, Spellcasters are willing to sign up to fight by your side, in return for a little gold of course.


Your newly recruited troops tend to get a bit bored if you don't keep them busy and if they sit on their backsides for too long, they will get fat and lazy. The Camp keeps them in tip-top shape and ready for battle.


It's every Hero's nightmare - your Headquarters is overflowing with daggers, helmets, potions and plants. You need more space. Build a Storehouse to increase your inventory capacity and your space-saving worries will be behind you. (Well, until you run out again.)

Mage Tower

Stormtree is abundant with weird and wonderful plants with exotic and unusual properties. Only the Mage has the knowledge to extract and combine them to enhance your swords and armour with powerful Enchantments to give you that extra edge in battle.

There are even more village buildings being developed as we speak and these will be available soon including a Laboratory, Menagerie and Guild Tower.